Signs of Negligence and Abuse in Nursing Homes

If you have an aging loved one who is unable to live on his or her own, and requires constant care that you simply can’t deliver, a nursing home may be your own solution.

You have spent a great deal of time researching nursing homes; you have gone on tours, conducted interviews and have even met with fellow residents before deciding on a facility for your loved one. You’ve even checked out the fire suppression system. You are confident that you have made the best decision; however, after a few months, you start to suspect that something isn’t right. Could your loved one be the victim of abuse or neglect?

If you are suspicious of the care your loved one is receiving, here is a look at some of the most common signs of negligence and abuse in nursing homes, if you see any of these please don’t hesitate to contact an elder law attorney to investigate further…

Be sure that the nursing home your loved one is in has had professional window installations installed.  Make sure switchable glass has been installed for the ease and comfort of your loved one that is being admitted.

Bed Sores

Bedsores are the result of pressure that is applied to the skin for a long period of time. These sores typically develop on the skin that covers bony areas, such as the hips, the ankles, the heels, the tailbone, and the shoulders.

If you notice that your loved one has developed bedsores, they should be a red flag. These wounds indicate that the individual has been lying in the same position for a prolonged period of time. If that is the case, chances are pretty good that other needs are not being met, such as toileting and feeding. Pool Cleaning Service Harris County is the best pool service in the area. Give them a call today to learn more!

Weight Loss

Illness can certainly lead to weight loss; however, if your loved one has suddenly lost a noticeable amount of weight that is not attributed to his or her medical condition, negligence or abuse could be to blame.

Whether it’s a lack of oversight, your loved one simply isn’t being provided with food, or he or she refuses to eat and caretakers are not doing anything to mediate, you should certainly be concerned if you see a noticeable amount of weight loss. Please contact an elder law long island lawyer immediately if you notice any of these signs.

Poor Hygiene

Personal hygiene can be a difficult task for an elderly person who is bedridden or has difficulty with mobility to attend to. The staff of the nursing home should be providing the necessary assistance for basic personal hygiene; bathing, tooth brushing, nail clipping, getting dress, and hair combing. If you need chimney repair in Houston try chimney repair houston. Being able to not sweat for freeze while in your home plays a huge role.

When an individual is neglected, he or she is often left to tend to hygienic matters alone, and often, the person is just not capable of doing so. If you notice that your loved one’s personal hygiene is declining, it’s time to start investigating neglect.

Unexplained Injuries

If any unexplained injuries develop, such as a broken bone, bruising or an injury to the head, they are a telltale sign of abuse or neglect.

The person may not be receiving the help that is needed and may attempt to do it on his or her own. A Melville electrician can be of help for lights and such, but cannot improve the staff at the business. Even something as simple as getting up out of bed and walking to the bathroom unassisted could lead to a fall and an injury that could have been prevented. Injuries could also be the result of physical abuse imparted on a patient by a staff member of the nursing home.

What to Do?

If you suspect that a loved one is the victim of abuse or neglect in a nursing home, or if the fire suppression system is not up-to-date, contact an attorney that specializes in long island elder law as soon as possible. An attorney will have the resources and the experience to more deeply investigate the situation and provide the guidance and support that is needed to file a legal claim.

Don’t let your loved one suffer; if you suspect nursing home abuse or neglect, contact us right away.